Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Inn Names (Table 1)

I’m nearing the completion of my tables for randomly generated inns so I’ll be posting them in the coming days. I’m beginning with names because that’s the first thing PCs will notice about the inn. In my games I’ve used lots of naming conventions but the tables I’ll be posting here can be boiled down to four: Simple names (ex. The Sanctum), Compound inanimate names (ex. The Cracked Anvil), Compound animate names (ex. The Blind Wyvern), and Compound obscure groupings (ex. The Pig and Whistle). So, below is the first in the series of randomly generated naming tables: simple names composed of just one or two words. The names often help me imagine what the inn might be like (for example, The Illusionist might be run by a retired magic user or illusionist and feature unique magical entertainment), where it might be located (The Shearwater, for example, is probably located in a port somewhere), or even special features of the establishment (The Labyrinth, for example, might have a mazelike structure inside). Here's how the tables will work...

Roll 1d4 and consult the results below to determine the naming convention.

1 Roll 2d10 and consult the percentile result shown on table 1. (Simple Names)
2 Roll 2d10 twice linking the percentile results from tables 2 and 3. (Compound Inanimate Names)
3 Roll 2d10 twice linking the percentile results from tables 4 and 5. (Compound Animate Names)
4 Roll 2d10 twice linking the percentile results from tables 6 and 7 (Compound Groupings)


Table 1: Simple Names

01-02 The Abbey
03-04 The Abyss
05-06 The Backdoor
07-08 The Bulwark
09-10 The Cave
11-12 The Crown
13-14 The Dive
15-16 The Downfall
17-18 The Eclipse
19-20 The Egress
21-22 The Faire
23-24 The Faucet
25-26 The Gadfly
27-28 The Grotto
29-30 The Helix
31-32 The Hideaway
33-34 The Illusionist
35-36 The Idol
37-38 The Jester
39-40 The Jib
41-42 The Keep
43-44 The  Kingfisher
45-46 The Labyrinth
47-48 The Last Stand
49-50 The Madhouse
51-52 The Morass
53-54 The Nest
55-56 The Nightmare
57-58 The Obelisk
59-60 The Oculus
61-62 The Portico
63-64 The Powder Keg
65-66 The Quagmire
67-68 The Ragamuffin
69-70 Riffraff
71-72 The Sanctum
73-74 The Shearwater
75-76 The Tailwater
77-78 The Turret
79-80 The Underbelly
81-82 Utopia
83-84 The Vagabond
85-86 Villainy
87-88 Wanderlust
89-90 The War Party
91-92 The Xanthippe
93-94 The Yardbird
95-96 The Yearling
97-98 The Zealot
99-00 The Zephyr

More naming tables tomorrow!

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